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Keskiviikko 13.11.2013 klo 13:07 - mai

Unituulian kimpsut ja kampsut siirtyvät marraskuun aikana uuteen kotiin :)

Olemme siis askeleen lähempänä unelmaa... Haaveissa pieni puoti, joka toteutunee jossain muodossa ensi kesänä?

Uusi osoitteemme on Aurantie 257, 21450 Tarvasjoki.

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25.1.2014 3:14  Corry Hoekman

Hi Jamie,

I left the Guitars and via Nathans blog that pointed to this site I have found you in another way. Now I can see where you live and what kind of arts and crafts you and your wife are making. I just did a glimse to your site: on another time I will take an longer eye to this. It appears trough the news that in the high North the cold is so terrible: just stay inside when you have fed the birds. In Holland a struggle is going between the cold from coming from the North and East and the warm coming from the West: just a mess! Kind regards and friends forever in this way! Corry

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